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french bulldog rescue
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French Bulldog Rescue

fountain of youth nutrition center

We are proud to be a Montana French Bulldog Rescue

~Our goal is to combat illness in a healthy holistic way, resorting to medication only when absolutely necessary.

~To combat nutritional deficiencies, all rescues will be fed a diet that's meant for canine consumption. These foods will contain all of the nutrients required for health: protein, natural occurring vitamins, minerals, essential fat, enzymes, good bacteria and fiber. 

~If you would like to surrender a French bulldog, because the health costs are too much to bear, please contact us by text, phone or email 24/7

~If you are interested in adopting a french bulldog when he/she is ready for their new family please message us below

~We've just started this rescue so we are not currently accepting donations at this time. All costs for the first few rescues will come out of pocket however I am preparied to cover 100% costs for all that are accepted. For future donation considerations, please click on the link below to help us save a life, please click the donate button . A furry little friend will thank you~

                              ~Some of my past efforts~

2018~ I was nominated for Polson Montana Volunteer of the year.







2013-2018~ I was a fall/winter volunteer at the Polson Chamber of Commerce

2013 -2018~ I created "Polson Gifts for the Giving" and gave $100.00 cash gifts to community nominated individuals who helped others without question throughout the year. 100% of the cash gifts were provided by my family and I. 



2013-2018 I Donated food to families and local firefighting crews




 Volunteer at the local veterans club

Member of the Ladies Auxiliary

Donations ~ Fisher House

As the founder of a nutrition center, I constantly give what I feel is of most importance: my time/assistance/guidance/knowledge for Human and animals. Whenever/whomever I can offer help, I am always a phone call, text or email away. When health improvements are made (human or animal) I feel greatly rewarded...















Hurricanes Katrina and Rita~ Homeland security granted me unlimited access to a local donations facility to gather supplies so I could distribute those items to our local shelters. 

In addition, I contacted the United Way and, at their request to house emergency medical staff, I gladly offered to host anyone who needed shelter. I contacted the American Red Cross too but they never responded to my offer for shelter assistance.  I also signed up on a website for those needing shelter called We made every effort possible to offer shelter or any other assistance during this devastating time. My children and I also accepted personal and business donations, from those we knew on a personal level, outside of Louisiana. They donated directly to us to ensure those donations would reach the shelters and not be withheld in a holding facility. To show our gratitude, those who donated received picture updates as those supplies were distributed. In our efforts, I made the front page news of my small town newspaper, Red Bluff Daily News. The article is held at the Red Bluff library archives. (Pictures coming soon)

I look forward to adding French Bulldog Rescue to this list

Tiecha broussard volunteer of the year award
Tiecha Broussard nomiated for volunteer of the year
fountain of youth nutrtion center
Gifts for the giving

My Nola Sucess Story

french bullog rescue in montana
french bullog rescue in montana
french bulldog rescue
Love this mug💕 #frenchie #frenchbulldog

Surrendered French Bulldogs suffer with health issues that the current owner can no longer financially support. These dogs are given away, as a last resort, and will most likley be placed with the need for continued care. Before requesting rescue availability, please ask yourself if you can afford the financial burdon. Thank you for the consideration ......

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