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As the founder of a nutrition center, the health of my dogs is of most importance, followed by structure. All of my dogs are fed foods meant for canine consumption: muscle meat, organ meats, fats, blood, bone and marrow. Our dams are fed foods with proper nutrients before breeding takes place and is continued throughout their entire pregnancy. I believe this is the key to producing the healthiest pups possible. When pups arrive, nursing from mom is encouraged at the first available moment. I believe the nutrients contained in the dams milk are the key to a strong immunity that will last a lifetime. Pups are encouraged to nurse on the dam for as long as possible and while our dam allows. When pups are ready for pureed foods, I start them on a whole muscle meat~ such as Beef or Chicken. Once their digestive system adjusts to solid foods, I incorporate vital organ meats, blood, fat, goat milk, probiotics and fish oil in to their diet. Before sending pups home with their new families, I transition foods from real food, to real food topped on kibble, to an all kibble diet. This food transition is made for the convenience of the new family but I highly encourage incorporating real foods back into diet. Foods to consider: Muscle meats, vital organs, blood, bone and fat. 

Kibble~ I recommend Trudog. It contains ingredients that are meant for canine consumption and its free of synthetic (man made) nutrients. 

Supplements~ I recommend fish oil and probiotics daily. Avoid all synthetic supplements.




How dangerous are they~

Essential  oils~ Research  safety before  internal/external use

Synthetic nutrients~ Made made chemicals can build up inside the body .  These Chemicals  can cause vital organ damage. chemicals used to preserve  and  coat  supplements  are known to cause cancer.

Chew Toys~  Most  pet toys are not made of quality  and  have  fluffly fillers that can be choking hazards. Pig ears and  raw hide are also choking hazards.

Plants~ Both indoor and outdoor plants can be toxic to your  dogs.  Its best to  research safety  on  all plants your pet will be exposed to.

Food~ Not all human food is good for pets. Reseach  safety before feeding  your pet anything other than foods meant for canine consumption: muscle meat, vital organs, blood, bone, fat. 

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Chew Toys

The  ONLY chew  toy  we reccomend are Elk Antlers

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